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Frederick Stearns & Co.
Frederick H. Stearns was a Druggist in Detroit from the late 1850s until around 1899. He started out working with Lewis Higby in Higby & Stearns - Pharmaceutical Druggists. Stearns took over the business sometime in the 1860s. From that time on it was called Frederick Stearns & Co. Business addresses included: 173 Jefferson, 368 Fort W., and Corner of 21st & Porter. In 1885, he advertised the following four hair preparations: "Dye," "Bleacher," "Promoter," and "Dresser." He also listed his "Bandoline Hair Dressing," which was probably the most popular of the group. The Zymole bottle I have says that at that time (1906+) they had offices in Detroit, Windsor Ontario, New York City, and London. According to Devner, the business was bought out by Sterling Products in 1944. They sold a wide variety of patent medicines.

  Stearns' (Bandoline) Hair Dressing
  Stearns' Coco-Oleine
  Stearns' Hair Bleacher
  Stearns' Hair Dresser
  Stearns' Hair Dye
  Stearns' Hair Promoter
  Stearns' Hair Dressing
  Stearns' Hair Remover
  Zymole Hair Tonic