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Stearns Hair Dressing
This product was patented by Frederick Stearns & Co. in 1868 (Patent #75,806). He later had a "Bandoline Hair Dressing" and "Hair Dresser", both of which could have been the same product. The following is a transcription of the words from the patent:
Having thus mentioned the nature of my compound, I will now describe its manufacture, and give the proportions of each ingredient used, premising, however, that the proportions should be varied according to the strength of the alcohol, as sometimes it may be impossible to obtain the alcohol of the strength named: I take eighteen pounds of cocoa-nut fat, which I melt in a suitable water-bath, and, when melted, add thirty-two pints of castor-oil. When nearly cool, I add thirty-two pints of alcohol, above eighty-eight percent. proof, and perfume with any suitable amount of any desired essential oil, or various essential oils in combination.
What I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters of Patent, is -- The combination of cocoa-nut fat, caster-oil, and alcohol with any appropriate perfumes, substantially in the proportions named, and for the purposes described.