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Demas Barnes & Co.
Demas Barnes was in business in New York at least as early as 1850. He was the distributor for Lyon's Kathairon and later Heimstreet's Inimitable Hair Coloring. He also marketed Hagan's Magnolia Balm, which was apparently the product of William E. Hagan (successor to Charles Heimstreet). For a while, he was with John D. Park and the company was called Barnes & Park.

Esmereldo's Pellatite claimed to be a "new scientific wonder prepared from the juice of the fruit of the Brazilian shrub: "Anthemus Pyrethum" for changing gray hair to a silky brown or black color." Holcombe also said that Barnes sold a "Gem Hair Restorer."

  Esmereldo's Pellatite
  Gem Hair Restorer
  Heimstreet's Inimitable Hair Coloring
  Hagan's Hair Coloring