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Oriental Hair Tonic
Lanman & Kemp of New York registered the words "Oriental Hair Tonic" as a Trade Mark for a "Toilet Preparation" in 1884 (Trademark #11,815). They included a label with their Trade Mark petition as an example of how the Trade Mark was used. They said that they had been selling the brand for over 20 years. The Trade Mark Petition was signed by Edward Kemp. "Lanman & Kemp's Hair Tonic" was listed for sale in the 1875 John F. Henry, Curran & Co. catalog.


1 Rectangular, 6 1/4", graduated top, front & side panels, BIM, aqua, side: "LANMAN & KEMP" front: "ORIENTAL - HAIR TONIC" side: "NEW YORK"
2 Rectangular, 6 3/8", screw top, no panels, ABM, clear, side: "LANMAN & KEMP -" front: "TONICO ORIENTAL - PARA - EL CABELLO" side: "BARCLAY & CO."
Oriental Hair Tonic (1)