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Dr Jayne's Hair Tonic
Dr. D. Jayne and sons were the proprietors of this product. Jayne sold Alibert's Oleaginous Hair Tonic as an Agent between 1837 and 1840. In January of 1840, he claimed to be its sole Preparer and Proprietor, and later the same year he changed the name to just "Jayne's Hair Tonic." According to the 1849 Almanac, the label of the Dr Jayne's Hair Tonic bottle had before and after pictures with the dates September 1839 and April 1841. His Tonic could have very well been in production that early. When the trademark was registered in 1878 (#5,741), they said they had been using the brand name since 1845. The Hair Tonic was in production until after the turn of the century.


Jayne's Bottle
1 Oval, 4 1/2", rolled top, no panels, O.P., aqua, front: "DR D. JAYNE'S - HAIR TONIC" rear: "PHILADA"
2 Rectangular, 4 1/2", flared lip, no panels, O.P., aqua, side 1: "DR. D. JAYNE'S" front: "OLEAGINOUS - HAIR TONIC" side 2: "PHILADA"
3 Square, 5 3/4" including glass stopper, prescription top, no panels, BIM, clear, front: "DR D. JAYNE'S - HAIR TONIC - PHILADA" rear: "TONIO - DEL - DR D. JAYNE - PARAELPELO - PHILADA"
4 Rectangular, 5 1/2", square top, front & rear panels, BIM, clear, front: "DR. JAYNE'S - HAIR TONIC". Picture by Tom Kennedy Jansen.
5 Rectangular, 4 1/2", rolled top, no panels, O.P., aqua, side: "DR. D. JAYNE'S" front: OLEAGINOUS - HAIR TONIC" side: "PHILADA"