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Alibert's Oleaginous Hair Tonic
Dr. Alibert was a chemist from Paris. Dr. D. Jayne sold this preparation for him in the states starting around 1838. An 1838 ad said "It is prepared from a recipe of the Celebrated Dr. Alibert of Paris, by one of his pupils." Jayne sold this preparation for a few years. By 1840 he claimed to be the sole preparer and proprietor. Eventually he broke loose entirely and started selling just his own brand.

The term Oleaginous seems to infer two things: first of all, oily or greasy and secondly, pertaining to olive oil. It appears that the actual root usage was olive oil and that later it came into general use as a term meaning oily.

    1838 Public Ledger (Philadelphia)
    1839 Saturday Evening Post
    1842 Newbern (NC) Spectator

Bottle drawing courtesy of Keith Felumlee.

1 Rectangular, 4 3/8", flared lip, no panels, O.P., aqua, side: "ALIBERT'S" front: "OLEAGINOUS - HAIR TONIC" side "PHILADA"
Alibert's Oleaginous Hair Tonic