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Dr. T. Felix Gouraud
Listings starting in 1843 showed Dr. F. Felix Gouraud at 67 Walker. I Don't know if he was the father of Trust Felix Gouraud, or if they were the same person. Dr Trust Felix Gouraud was first listed in 1849 at the same address, as the inventor of the Celebrated Italian Medicated Soap for curing skin diseases. He claimed that they had been established in 1839, and according to Putnam he advertised the Poudres Subtiles as early as 1841.

From 1863 to 1868 he was at 453 Broadway. Advertisements in 1852 through 67 mentioned his Liquid Hair Dye, and from 1854 through 61, he listed a Hair Restorative. Unfortunately, the bottle for the Hair Restorative is unknown at this time. He continued to be listed the same way, but at 48 Bond Street from 1869 until 1877. In 1878, Martha Gouraud was listed as the widow of Trust Felix. She was listed in 1881 as "Cosmetics" at the 48 Bond address. Fike said that eventually, Fred T. Hopkins & Sons succeeded Gouraud and were still running the business in 1914. The Poudres Subtiles were still listed for sale in the 1901 Morrison & Plummer catalog, and were probably for sale throughout the history of the business.

  Poudres Subtile
  Hair Restorative or Circassian Gloss
  Liquid Hair Dye
  Oriental Cocoanut Oil Shampoo