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E. C. Clay
E. C. Clay was in the Patent Medicine business in Chicago at least as early as 1889. From 1899 through 1911, he listed himself as "Cough Drops." His primary business address was on State Street, initially at #213. Clay registered a Trademark for the "Princess" Hair Tonic and Scalp Dressing in 1892 (TM #20,937). He was also the Proprietor of "Clay's Hair Shader," which was for sale in the 1901 Morrison & Plummer catalog. In 1909 & 1910 ads in Woman Beautiful Magazine, Clay ran ads for his "Gray Hair Restorer," but testimonials in the ads indicated that it was the same product as his Hair Shader. The 1922 Montgomery Ward's Catalog listed both of these products. They were both in a label-only bottles. Description of the Hair Shader bottle is courtesy of Jim Bennett.

  The Princess Hair Tonic
  Clay's Hair Shader
  Clay's Hair Gray Hair Restorer

1 Rectangular, 5 3/8", prescription top, unknown panels, ABM, clear, no embossing, label: "Hair Shader"