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Xavier Bazin
Xavier Bazin was the Lab Director for Eugene Roussel, starting out around 1840. Roussel was a well known Perfumer in Philadelphia who had also been a Lab Director in Paris (see Roussel). By 1850, Bazin had succeeded Eugene in the business, although he left Roussel's name on it until at least 1853.

By 1857, Bazin had moved to a new address at 17 S. 5th Street. There he continued to very successful with his Perfumeries, especially his Shaving Creams. These Bazin products were put up in ornately decorated pots, the lids of which are very valuable to collectors now.

One of Bazin's products, Egyptian Hair Dye, also known as Egyptian Hair Coloring was for sale in the 1872 John F. Henry catalog, and later in the 1885 McKesson & Robbins catalog. Cristiani listed the formula for "Egyptian Hair Dye" as: 2 ounces of fresh slaked lime, 1 ounce of litharge, 1 ounce of carbonate of lead, 1/2 ounce of hydrated oxide of bismuth, and 1 pint of distilled water. He said the ingredients were well mixed, then allowed to stand for a while, and finally the larger portion of the water was poured off.

In 1856, Bazin advertised Eau Lustrale, Egyptian Hair Dye, pomades, hair oils, etc. (View ad)
In 1880, Bazin advertised the following hair products: Philocome, Pomatum, Hair Oils, Eau Lustrale, Hair Dye.

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