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William Batchelor
William Batchelor was a New York City Wigmaker from 1845 until around the turn of the century. In advertisements, his products claimed to have been established in 1831, but I've been unable to verify this. From 1856 until around 1862, the business was known as Batchelor & Browns Hair Dyeing and Wig Establishment. From around 1862, until after 1900, Charles Batchelor (probably William's son) became involved in the business. During this period, each of the two Batchelors were running one of the business branches (Wigs & Dyes). The only exception to this was a period between 1866 and 73 when they called their business "Patent Medicines." The Batchelors handed over the management of their Dye to C.N. Crittenton around 1866. Crittenton registered the brand name: "Batchelor's Premium Liquid Hair Dye," as a Trade Mark in 1906. Crittenton claimed to have been selling the Dye since 1866.

The business locations Batchelor held included 2 Wall Street (1845-1853), 233 Broadway (1854-1859), 16 Bond (1860-1880), and a few others. An advertisement in an 1862 issue of the New York Independent claimed that they also had a Factory at 81 Barclay. According to Putnam, the product Tricogene was advertised in 1858.

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