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Wyeth's Sage & Sulphur Compound
Stanley P. Jadwin, acting as the President of Wyeth Chemical Co., of New York City, registered this brand name as a Trade Mark in 1909 (TM #74,303). He said the brand name had been in use since 1888, by himself and his predecessor (John L. Wyeth). There was also a "Wyeth's Hair Tonic" for sale in the 1885 McKesson & Robbins catalog.

Although the name of this preparation would seem to indicate that it was made of sulphur & sage, an examination prior to 1921 had shown this not to be the case. In Nostrums & Quackery, they mentioned that the government had examined the preparation, and determined that it contained sulphur, lead acetate, glycerine, and cayenne pepper. The company was fined $50 for using a misleading brand name.

The label on the bottle say's there is another size that holds twice as much.

    1911 Frederick (MD) Eve News
    1909 Reading (PA) Times
Wyeth's Bottle
1 Rect-oval, 6 3/4", square top, no panels, ABM, amber, no embossing
2 Rect-oval, 8 1/8", square top, no panels, ABM, amber, no embossing