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Van Deusen's Improved Wahpene
This product was advertised in the Bangor (Maine) Daily Whig in 1852. It was an indian specific for the improvement of the growth of the hair. George Van Deusen provided specimens of his preparation at the 1853 New York Exposition of the Industry of All Nations. Day and Van Deusen also sold a preparation called Scribner's Oak Oil.


  1854 ad from the Plough, Loom, and Anvil

1 Rectangular, 6 1/2", graduated top, front & side panels, O.P., aqua, front: "VAN DEUSEN'S - IMPROVED - WAHPENE"
2 Rectangular, 8", square top, front & side panels, O.P. or BIM, aqua, front: "VAN DEUSEN'S - IMPROVED - WAHPENE"
Van Deusen's Bottle