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The Unique Hair Tonic
The first Unique Hair Tonic was sold by G. Barclay, of Geneva, N.Y. By the looks of the bottle it was from around 1870. Later on (1893) Meta S. Kelso, of Stamford, Conn., registered this brand name as a trademark (#23,747). She claimed to have been using the symbols since 1891. She also mentioned that the Trade Mark was sometimes blown into the bottles. I do not know if there was any relationship between these two "Unique" Hair Tonics.

    Trademark #23,747
    Ad from 1866

1 Rectangular, 7", square top, 4 panels, BIM, aqua, side: "G. BARCLAY GENEVA N.Y." side: "UNIQUE HAIR TONIC"
2 Rectangular, 5 5/8", square top, no panels, BIM, clear, diagonal on front: "THE UNIQUE - HAIR TONIC CO. - STAMFORD - CONN."
The Unique
Hair Tonic (2)