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Tilton's Hair Producer
Joseph R. Tilton was listed as a "Physician" in San Francisco from 1878 until 1889. He was listed as a "Manufacturer of Hair Producer" in 1878, and "Mfr of Hair Restoratives" in 1880. The business address was at 716 Laguna in 1878, and moved to 114 1/2 Park Avenue around 1880. This was the residence of John Tilton (possibly his father). They changed address three more times before 1889. The last year the two were listed was in 1889, and that year they were only listed with a residence.

The words: "The Crown of Science" and "Prof. J.R. Tilton, The Great Hair Producer" were registered as trademarks along with the representation shown in 1874. At that time, Tilton was partners with John Cammet. In the petition for trademark, they said they usually show before and after type pictures, rather than the one shown. They also indicated that they had just commensed to use the symbols that year.

Other Images:
  Trademark #2,026
  Back of bottle
  Ad from 1874

1 Rectangular, 6 3/4", square top, side panels, BIM, cobalt blue, side: "PROF. J.R. TILTON" front: "THE GREAT - HAIR - PRODUCER" side: "S. F. CAL." back: "THE CROWN OF SCIENCE"
Tilton's Hair Producer