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Skookum Root Hair Grower
William C. Halleck, of Portland Oregon, registered the words "Skookum Root Hair Grower" as a Trade Mark for a "Hair Vigor or Grower" in 1891 (#20,274). He included a label with the Trade Mark Petition. Halleck said that he had been using the brand name in his business since 1890. In 1893, The Skookum Root Hair Grower Co., ran a large ad in the National Druggist. They claimed that they were advertising their product on a wider scale than any other hair preparation ever put on the market. At that time, they listed their business address as 57 S. Fifth Avenue, in New York City. The ad also showed the Trade Mark from the label. According to Fike, the product was advertised by the Hillside Chemical Co. of Newburgh, New York in 1895, and by the Kell's Co. of the same city in 1935. In the 1896 and 1901 Morrison & Plummer catalogs, there was also a "Skookum Root Hair Death" for sale.

There is a fantastic article on Mr. Halleck and this company in the July 1, 1893 edition of the Pharmaceutical Era. It's available on Google Books. If desired, one can also find a lot of material on the web relating to a lawsuit against Mr. Halleck.


1 Rectangular, 6 1/2", square top, 4 panels, BIM, clear or SCA, side: "SKOOKUM ROOT" side: "HAIR GROWER"
2 Rectangular, 6 1/2", square top, 4 panels, BIM, cobalt blue, side: "SKOOKUM ROOT" side: "HAIR GROWER"
Skookum Root Bottle