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Scheffler's Hair Colorine
Joanna M. Scheffler registered the word "Colorine" as a Trade Mark for a Hair Dye in 1891 (TM #19,349). She said she had been selling it since 1878. By 1902, William W. Scheffler was the Proprietor of the Scheffler's Hair Color Co. The business was located at 812 Broadway, New York from 1902 to 1908. The product was advertised in 1912 and 1915, in the American Hairdresser, and William W. Scheffler was still the Proprietor at that time. By 1930, the product was being marketed by the New York Hair Co., 832 Broadway. They also had a Dandruff Remedy.

Scheffler's Hair Colorine was examined in 1921, and reported upon in Nostrums & Quackery. They said that the preparation came in two bottles, the first of which contained mostly pyrogallic acid, and the second bottle was primarily copper ammonium sulphate.

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Scheffler Box Set
1 Rectangular, 4 1/8", square top, no panels, BIM, clear, front: "SCHEFFLER'S - HAIR - COLORINE - BEST IN - THE WORLD"