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Phalon's Vitalia
This product was listed for sale from 1869 through 1880. One of the ads from 1870 linked it to the Chemical Hair Invigorator, so, whoever sold it was also selling the Invigorator (see Phalon). I show a pair of them here, because I saw an ad indicating that it was sold that way.

  Ad from an 1869 NY Herald
  Ad from an 1870 Petersburg (VA) Index
  Another ad from 1870

The 1870 Detroit Review of Medicine and Pharmacy examined this preparation and found it to contain 4.69 grains of lead per fluid ounce.

1 Rectangular, 6 3/8", square top, 4 panels, BIM, clear flintglass, side: "PHALON'S" side: "VITALIA"
Vitalia Pair