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W.C. Montgomery's Hair Restorer
William C. Montgomery was first listed in Philadelphia in 1865 as "Hair Restorer" at 140 North 6th. He was listed temporarily in 1866 as "Skindresser" at 440 Ireland. He then continued to be listed as "Patent Medicines" until around the turn of the century. During the years 1878 through 1889, he was also listed as the "Proprietor of Montgomery's Hair Restorer." I found one reference in 1869, which mentioned that he was also the Proprietor of the "Baden Baden Remedies." Montgomery's Hair Restorer was still listed for sale in 1901 Morrison & Plummer catalog. The earliest reference to the product I've found was in an ad from 1860. At that time the Depot was at 1320 Cherry Street.

According to the product label, it was registered as a trademark or patent in 1864. This is an excellent bottle. The dark puce one (view) is a little on the dark side, but some of the yellow amber ones have real pretty color. This slightly lighter puce one was photographed by Jeff & Holly Noordsy (view).

Two of these sold in a Glassworks auction in March of 2009. The hammer prices were $700 and $750. Both were extraordinary examples in shades of puce. Add the 15% buyer's fee and the bottles sold for $805 and $862. A really dark amethyst also sold in 2008 for $500.

    1860 Public Ledger (Philadelphia)
    1867 - Source Unknown
    1873 Cincinatti Enquirer

Other Images:
    Bottle Label

1 Rectangular, 7 1/2", double-ring top, front & side panels, BIM, amber, side: "W.C. MONTGOMERY'S" front: "HAIR - RESTORER" side: "PHILADA"
2 Rectangular, 7 1/2", Double-ring, 3, BIM, Deep Amethyst, W.C. MONTGOMERY'S / HAIR RESTORER / PHILADA
W.C. Montgomery's
Hair Restorer (1)