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Mayor's Walnut Oil
Henry A. Mayor, of Kansas City, Missouri registered a label Trade Mark (as shown) for "Mayor's Walnut Oil" in 1906. At that time he called the preparation a "Hair Dye," but he had called it a "Hair Restorer" sometime prior to that. The label registration said Mayor had been selling the product since 1880. According to Fike, the product was advertised as late as 1948. An ad in a 1910 issue of Woman Beautiful Magazine indicated that the Proprietor's business was at 2827 Wyandote St., in Kansas City, Mo. There were also 2 bottle sizes mentioned.

1 Rectangular, 5", square top, no panels, BIM, amber, front: "MAYOR WALNUT-OIL CO. - KANSAS CITY, MO." both sides: "HAIR DYE" back: "NONE BETTER"
2 Rectangular, 4 7/8", square top, no panels, ABM, amber, front: "MAYOR WALNUT OIL CO. - KANSAS CITY, MO."
Walnut Oil (1)