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Lockyer's Sulphur Hair Restorer
This product was made by F.M. Rimmington & Son, Chemists, from Bradford and Manningham (England). It was imported by E. Fougera & Co. The product was for sale in the 1896 Morrison & Plummer catalog. According to Fike, it was also advertised as late as 1912. The British Medical Association examined the product in 1912, and found it to contain about 87% rose water, 9.6% glycerine, 1.6% lead acetate, 1.3% precipitated sulphur, and .4% lead sulfate. Curiously, the label says it was composed of "Cantharides, Bay Rum, Rosemary, and Quinine."

Other Pictures:
  Ad from 1884 Edinburgh Courant

1 Oval, 7 3/4", graduated top, no panels, BIM, aqua, front: "LOCKYER'S - SULPHUR - HAIR RESTORER"
Lockyer's Sulphur Hair Tonic (1)