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Kennedy's Hair Grower
Donald Kennedy (see Hair Tea) invented this product around 1871. In that year he published a pamphlet called "Diseases of the Skin," in which he stated that his Hair Grower was a cure for Scald Head.

The product was advertised in the 1885 McKesson & Robbins Catalog. A partial scan is shown below. The latest ad I found was in 1907.

Picture courtesy of Daniel Lakatos.

1885 Ad from McKesson & Robbins Catalog

1 Rectangular, 6 3/4", double-ring top, no panels, BIM, aqua, front: "KENNEDY'S - HAIR GROWER - ROXBURY, MASS."
2 Rectangular, 6 3/4", double-ring top, front and side panels, BIM, aqua, side: "KENNEDY'S" front: "HAIR GROWER" side: "ROXBURY, MASS."
Kennedy's Hair Grower