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Kendall's Amboline
Edward Kendall was a Druggist/Perfumer in New York City from 1862 until 1865. He was partners with William H. Bannister in 1863 and 64, and their business together was on Broadway. According to Fike, Kendall had thrown in with George Dudley by 1866, and their business was called Waring & Co. The product Amboline was still listed for sale in the 1880 Morrison & Plummer catalog, and, according to Fike, it was advertised as late as 1910.

Kendall's Amboline and Sterling's Ambrosia were in heavy competition during the 1860s. At one point, Sterling had filed an injunction against Kendall for using the same long haired woman in their ads as the one Sterling used. Her name was L. A. Brown, and she claimed to have been in P.T. Barnum's Museum for her long hair. I was unable to verify this, even after looking at the huge number of Barnum pictures available on the web. The injunction was eventually dissolved. Take a look at the similarity between the woman in both the labels and advertisements for both products.

Here's an awesome poem that was in several of their ads:
What are classical features or natural grace, What the lily and rose of the loveliest face, Unless one more gift crowns these attributes rare, The "Glory of Women," luxuriant hair? If this ye posess not, be comforted still, For this climax of beauty is yours if ye will; Yes, a shower of dark fibers your brow shall adorn With a gloss like a leaf's in the sunshine of morn. And shall flow o'er your shoulders, rich, silken screen If You use, At your toilet, the famed Amboline. What nature denies, with her SUBSTITUTE win -- A growth the even Time can not WHITEN or THIN. Remember what nostrums have failed to achieve, Amboline will accomplish -- BUY, USE AND BELIEVE.
  Ad from 1863 Atlantic Monthly
  Label from 1863 (courtesy of Library of Congress)
  Advertising Flyer - Date Unknown

1 Rectangular, 6 5/8", square top, no panels, BIM, aqua, side: "WARING & CO." front: "KENDALL'S - AMBOLINE - FOR THE HAIR" side: "NEW YORK"
2 Rectangular, 7", square top, 4 panels, BIM, clear, side: "KENDALL & CO" front: "KENDALL'S - AMBOLINE - FOR THE HAIR" side: "NEW YORK"
3 Rectangular, 7 1/4", top unknown,, panels unknown, BIM, aqua, side: "NEW YORK: front: "KENDALL & - BANNISTER'S - AMBOLINE" side: "FOR THE HAIR"
Kendall's Amboline (1)