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Sylvan's Juvenalis
The Sylvan Toilet Co., of Detroit, Michigan, registered this brand name as a Trade Mark for a Hair Dressing in 1894 (TM #24,184). They claimed to have been selling the product since 1889. Sarah S. Wood, a member of the firm, indicated in the Trade Mark Petition that they blew the word into the glass of the bottles. Pictures were provided by Georgette Anderson.

Sylvan's Juvenalis (1)

1 Rectangular, 6 1/2", square top, front panel, BIM, cobalt blue, front: "SYLVAN'S JUVENALIS - RESTORES & PRESERVES THE HAIR - MFG SOLELY BY - SYLVAN TOILET CO. PORT HURON, MI., USA."
2 Oval, 7 1/2", Double-ring Top, front panel, BIM, cobalt blue, bottom: "SYLVAN'S JUVENALIS"
Juvenalis (1)