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Hurd's Hair Restorer
This product was originated by W. C. Hurd of New York City. Business addresses were 291, 293, 301, and 304 Broadway, in New York City. At some point he started calling his company the Chemical Mfg. Co. Image for the 3rd ad below was provided by eBay seller Eclectibles. See also: Hurd's Golden Gloss.

    1855 Ad From Plough, Loom, and Anvil
    Another Ad from 1855
    Hurd Trade Card Ad

Ad from an 1855 New York Independent

1 Oval, 7 5/8", graduated top, no panels, I.P., deep aqua, front: "HURD'S - HAIR - RESTORER"
2 Oval, 7 5/8", square top, no panels, O.P., aqua, front: "HURD'S - HAIR - RESTORER"
Hurd's Hair Restorer Bottle