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Hall's Hair Renewer
This product was originally sold by Reuben P. Hall and Co. (Gillis), of Nashua, Hew Hampshire. They probably started selling it in the paper label (#2) bottles in the early 1860s. In June of 1865, Hall sold his 5/8ths of the partnership and the rights to produce the product to Gillis for $30,000. Some time after that Hall concocted another preparation he called "Improved." (Article) Gillis filed an injunction against Hall which was upheld in 1870. By 1870, the product was owned by his competitor J.C. Ayer. I am not sure whether Gillis sold it all to Ayer or what. Ayer registered a trademark for the product in 1876 (#4,042), indicating that the brand name had been in use since 1866. The similarities between Ayer's Hair Vigor and Hall's Hair Renewer after that were due to them both being produced by the same company.

According to Fike, the orders for Hall's Hair Renewer decreased until around 1930, when they were removed from the market. An advertisement in an 1897 Munsey's Magazine shows that the paper-wrapper type of bottle was used at least until then.


Hall's Hair
Renewer (1)
1 Rectangular, 7 1/8" with glass stopper, ring top, no panels, BIM, teal green, side: "HALL'S" side: "HAIR RENEWER"
2 Oval, 6 5/8", square top, no panels, BIM, aqua, "R.P.H. CO." or "H" (on base),