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Fitch's Ideal Dandruff Cure / Remover
This was one of the products of Fred W. Fitch of Boone Iowa. In 1908 the company was called Fitch Dandruff Cure Co.

Other Images:
  Fitch's Bottle courtesy of Marc Lutsko
  Ad from 1908 Bridgemen's Magazine

1 Rectangular, 5 3/4", square top, front panel, BIM, clear or sun-colored amethyst, side: "F.W. FITCH'S" side: "IDEAL - DANDRUFF CURE CO"
2 Rectangular, 6 1/4", Square Top, front panel, BIM, Clear, side: "F. W. FITCH'S"; other side: "IDEAL - DANDRUFF CURE CO."
Fitch Bottle