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Cook's Hair Invigorator
John G. Cook was a Druggist/Apothecary in Lewiston, Maine from around 1856 until about 1896. He started out on Main Street, and around 1870, he moved to the corner of Lisbon & Ash. He brought a bunch of bottle of this preparation to an exposition in 1856, so the product was for sale at least that early. Two other Cooks (probably his sons) were associated with the business. John H. Cook went into the Hairdresser business right next to John G. around 1880, and Michael J. Cook was listed as a Hairdresser or Barber various times between 1885 and 1896. In 1896, John & Michael were in the Hairdresser business together, and still on Lisbon Street. Pictures of the labeled variant were provided by Sam Fuller.

Other Images:

  Label Close-up

1 Rectangular, 6 1/4", double-ring top, front & side panels, O.P., aqua, embossed: "COOK'S - HAIR INVIGORATOR - LEWISTON, ME."
2 Rectangular, 5 7/8", square top, front & side panels, BIM, aqua, side: "COOK'S" front: "HAIR - INVIGORATOR" side: "LEWISTON, ME."
Cook's #2