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St Clair's Hair Lotion
This product was originally marketed in 1872 as St. Clair's Bay Laurel Hair Lotion. It was made by Howard St. Clair, a Chemist in Boston. I found it advertised in San Francisco from 1872 until 1884. Fike apparently had some information about it being manufactured in Sacramento in 1896-7, but I have been unable to verify this.

I have one of these in my own collection (enter gallery). The picture with the bottle description is a regular cobalt one. The one shown here is more like ice blue. This one sold on eBay in 2003 for $712.

    St Clair Ad from 1872

1 Rectangular, 7 1/4", square top, front panel, BIM, cobalt blue, front: "ST CLAIR'S - HAIR LOTION"
2 Rectangular, 8", square top, front & side panels, BIM, cobalt blue, front: "ST CLAIR'S - HAIR LOTION"
St Clair's Hair Lotion (1)