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Chevalier's Life For The Hair
Sarah A. Chevalier was first listed in 1860 as Physician with her home address at 974 Broadway in New York City. She continued to be listed the same until 1876, except for a few listings in the early 70s when she was just listed as the widow of Joseph. According to Fike, the product was still for sale as late as 1916. The ad below was reproduced from an 1865 issue of Harper's Weekly.

LIFE for the HAIR.

RESTORES Gray Hair to it original color, strengthens and promotes the growth of the weakest hair, stops it falling out in three days, keeps the head clean, cool, and healthy, and will not stain the skin, nor soil the whitest fabric, THE BEST HAIR DRESSING EVER OFFERED TO THE PUBLIC. Can be used freely; contains nothing injurious. IT IS RECOMMENDED and USED by the FIRST MEDICAL AUTHORITY.
   Sold at the Drug Stores, and at my office, No. 1123 Broadway, New York. SARAH A. CHEVALIER, M.D.

The 1870 Detroit Review of Medicine and Pharmacy examined this preparation and found it to contain 1.02 grains of lead per fluid ounce.

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1 Oval, 7 3/8", graduated top, no panels, BIM, aqua, shoulder embossed: "S. A. CHEVALIER'S LIFE FOR THE HAIR"
Chevalier Bottle