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Mansfield's Capillaris
T. Hill Mansfield, of Portland Maine, registered a label for "Mansfield's Capillaris For The Hair and Scalp" in 1882. Fike said the product was advertised as late as 1930.
The text below was on the label registered in 1882 (Same as bottle #1 below).
MANSFIELD'S CAPILLARIS Application for the hair and scalp.
Warranted to cure all Scalp diseases, To promote Luxuriant Hair, and prevent Dandruff. It restores Hair to the Bald and causes it to grow out natural color in place of gray. T. HILL MANSFIELD, Prop., Portland, Maine.
As you can see from the box (view), the business was in New York as the "Capillaris Mf'g Co." at one time.


Mansfield's Capillaris (1)
1 Round, 3", square top, no panels, BIM, clear, shoulder embossed: "T. HILL MANSFIELD'S CAPILLARIS NEW YORK"
2 Round, 3", screw top, no panels, ABM, clear, shoulder embossed: "T. HILL MANSFIELD'S CAPILLARIS"