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Boswell & Warner's Colorific
I never discovered who the original Proprietors of this product were. It was marketed by Funston & Scofield in New York in 1864. They apparently moved to 9 Dey Street around 1865. They were still listing their Depot at that address between 1872 and 75. I found the Colorific listed for sale in 1896, and, according to Fike, it was still being advertised in 1923.


    1863 - Source Unknown
    1864 New York Times

Make sure you view the second variant below - it's wild! This bottle is from my own collection (enter gallery).

1 Rectangular, 5 1/2", square top, 4 panels, BIM, cobalt blue, front: "BOSWELL & WARNER'S - COLORIFIC"
2 Rectangular, 5 1/2", flared lip, 4 panels, BIM, purple, front: "BOSWELL & WARNER'S - COLORIFIC"
Cobalt Boswell & Warner's