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Benton's Hair Grower
Carlos O. Benton was an MD/Chemist in Cleveland from 1869 until around 1885. He started out as a Chemist with a business location of 69 State. He started calling himself an MD around 1880. In 1881 he was also the President of the Benton Hair Grower Co., located at 334 Euclid Avenue. Then in 1883, he was listed as a Druggist at 98 Euclid, and the Hair Grower Co. was at 117 Public Square. In 1886, Mrs C.O. Benton was listed alone.

The Benton Hair Grower Co. started selling this product in 1881, and registered a label for it the same year (View). In 1884, they registered the brand name as a Trade Mark, describing the product as a "Pomade, Hair Restorative, or Hair Dressing." The Trade Mark Petition included a label as an example of how the Trade Mark was used. In 1884, they registered three similar labels, one for each strength. The pictures on the label were before and after pictures of a Mr John Cannon, of Cleveland. William F. Crossley was the Treasurer of the Company in 1884, and he submitted the Trade Mark petition. The preparation was still listed for sale in the 1901 Morrison & Plummer catalog. The following is a transcription of the text from Trademark 10,882:
Will cure baldness, dandruff, falling hair, and prevent the hair turning grey. As a dressing it has no equal, and used as such prevents the above diseases. Is entirely free from mineral or vegetable poisons. Single Strength: $1.00, Double Strength: $2.00, Triple Strength: $3.00.  The single strength always to be used first, or in connection with the stronger, using them alternatively. Sent prepaid on receipt of price. For directions see wrapper.
At some point this product was bought out by H.H. Warner & Co. as you can see in this huge ad from Warner's Artist's Album (courtesy of Jack Stecher): (View top) (View bottom)

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    1882 Ad from Fort Wayne Daily Gazzette
Benton's with Label
1 Round, 3 1/2", square top, no panels, BIM, clear, shoulder embossed: "BENTON'S HAIR GROWER"