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Baldpate Hair Tonic
The Baldpate Co., of New York City, registered the word "Baldpate" as a trademark for a "Hair Tonic" in 1914 (TM #99,935). They said they had just started selling the name that year. They mentioned that the members of the firm were Louis M. Honic and Louis Westphal.

It's possible that this Westphal was related to Paul Westphal. According to Devner, the Tonic was advertised in 1915 as a tonic "for nourishing and strengthening hair follicles and promoting hair growth." I found the product advertised as late as 1933

    1915 Ad from The New York Times
    Enlarged Label
    Label from Honic's
    Flyer from Box  Bottle with labels

1916 Ad from Cosmopolitan Magazine

1 Rect-oval, 6 1/2", ring top, no panels, BIM, clear or sun-colored amethyst, front: "BALDPATE - HAIR TONIC - BALDPATE CO, - NEW YORK - 8 OZ., CONTENTS"
2 Rect-oval, 4 1/4", ring top, no panels, BIM, clear, front: "BALDPATE - HAIR TONIC - BALDPATE CO, - NEW YORK - 2 OZ., CONTENTS"
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