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In 1862, S. J. Lyman & Co were selling this preparation out of Montreal, Canada. It was made from bear's grease. They also sold an insect repellent called Culexifuge.

H. Sugden Evans, of Montreal, Canada, registered the word "Arctusine" as a Trademark for "Pomades or Pomatum for the Hair" in 1879 (TM #7,699). He said the brand name had not been used prior to that time. The trade card below was distributed by Southmayd & Gardiner, of Middletown, Conn. This product was for sale at least as early as late as 1911.

Arctusine Tradecard

1 Round, 4", Ring Top, no panels, BIM, clear, back: "LYMAN - MONTREAL"
Arctusine Bottle