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Alisma for the Hair
This product was sold by Seward & Bentley of Buffalo from around 1868. They were initially Ward & Bentley (Dec 67), then by Jan of 68 it was Seward & Bentley. By 1869, they called themselves Seward, Bentley, and Cheney. In an 1874 ad it said it was being sold by Daniel Seward & Co., Druggists & Grocers Goods. They were listed in the Drug business at 907 3rd, in Buffalo, during 1867-68. The latest reference to this preparation I found was in the 1896 Morrison & Plummer Catalog. There were two sizes of the bottle.

  Ad from 1866 Centralia Sentinel
  Ad from 1868 Alton Telegraph
  Ad for Alisma from 1869
  Partial label

1 Oval, 5 7/8", rolled top, front panel, BIM, clear, front in oval slug plate: "SEWARD & BENTLEY - ALISMA - BUFFALO, N.Y."
Alisma Bottle